Guestbook for Scott Thorp Photography
53.Barbara O'Connor(non-registered)
Your picturès are stunning.Thank you for the show. It was so soothing to sit here and look at them.
52.Lisa Thibeault(non-registered)
It's been too long since I stopped by to browse and consider my next purchase.
51.Mike Larmie(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing these pics, so many places I miss seeing while living here in D.C. I saw some recent posts of yours on facebook so I wanted to see some of the more hi resolution shots of the fireworks. Awesome pictures Scott. We miss seeing you.
50.Kimberly Giorgio (photographer)(non-registered)
Scott, Such beautiful shots of my home. Now that I reside in North Carolina, I really am home sick by the beauty you take of every inch of Portsmouth, Maine, Newcastle, the mountains..and the falls. Wish I had as much talent as you. You see with your heart and nobody could ever imagine what goes through you when seize that moment in time. You are VERY Blessed my friend, and it is as always a pleasure to see your photos. P.S. I hope you have a photo book coming out with your work, I would be the first in line. I am a true fan...forever. Kimberly
Where can I purchase your work?
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